Best Marketing Ideas You’re Forgetting

There are many marketing ideas that should be considered in your business plan.  People are keen to figure out the secret to a successful marketing strategy. They’re eager to learn about one key trick that will generate loads of leads and increase their sales. Unfortunately, this one trick doesn’t exist. You’re not going to find one simple idea that will form the base of every single good marketing strategy.

Instead, you need to stop thinking singularly, and approach marketing ideas with more flexibility. It’s not so much about one thing, it’s about combining lots of different ideas and approaches for a marketing strategy that covers all bases.

With that being said, there are often loads of effective marketing ideas that get swept under the rug and neglected. Needless to say, incorporating these into your strategy can help improve your overall results. Bearing that in mind, here are a few marketing ideas you probably forget about.

Marketing ideas like webinars should not be ignored

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Webinars – One of the Best Marketing Ideas

If you’re new around here, then you’re probably wondering what webinars are doing on this list about great marketing ideas. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve written a couple of webinar posts before. Personally, I think they’re one of the most effective marketing ideas you’re not even considering.

For those that don’t know, a webinar is basically a web-based seminar where you can talk about things to different people all over the world. It works the same way a seminar or conference does, it’s just far more convenient for everyone involved.

This gives you a chance to broadcast your business to lots of people, and start gaining some leads. You can use your webinar to talk about your company and bring up a few key development points. Alternatively, it can be used to give a lecture or provide people with advice, while subtly promoting your business at the same time.

For example, let’s say you offer marketing services to people and businesses. You could host a webinar teaching people different marketing tips, and point them in the direction of your service if they want extra help. It’s subtle yet effective as you’re talking to people directly interested in your company.

Think about it, who will want to sit through a webinar? It’ll only be people that have an interest in what’s being said. Essentially, hosting a webinar in itself will help you generate leads and gain contact information.

Attention to SEO tactics like sitemaps for your website is one of the marketing ideas that should be considered



Undoubtedly your company will be heavily invested in SEO as part of your marketing campaign. Everyone with half an idea about marketing knows the importance this plays in growing your web presence and building leads. However, it amazes me how many companies are keen to improve their SEO but forget about one simple idea; sitemaps.

A sitemap is easily described by deconstructing the name. Basically, it’s a map of your website. This works like normal maps in the sense that it provides information about locations and shows people where things are.

The difference is, your sitemap will tell search engine bots where your pages are and what pages you want to be crawled. An XML sitemap is very effective and features on this Huge SEO Tools List. It’s an easy thing to create, and your website will benefit from it.

Search engines rank a website highly when they’re well organized and easy to crawl through. They don’t like coming up against obstacles, and a sitemap removes these for them. Consequently, your overall SEO performance will be improved. It’s an idea many forget about, but you really shouldn’t!

Don't ignore marketing ideas like YouTube



Again, YouTube is something that forms part of a blanket marketing idea, yet is often left out. In this case, we’re talking about social media marketing. Everyone is keen to get on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, to promote their company.

However, most businesses forget about YouTube, why? I believe it’s because people don’t class this as social media, but it very much does fall into that category. Plus, it feels like YouTube demands more effort than other forms of social media, being that it revolves around video production.

But, did you know that YouTube is actually the second biggest search engine in the world? We all know Google is the biggest, but the YouTube search engine comes out above all the other major search engines out there.

In fact, as this YouTube Infographic shows, it’s bigger than Bing, AOL, and Yahoo! Search combined. By avoiding this platform, you’re missing out on so many potential leads and customers. It’s a simple platform to use too, you just have to upload videos that are relevant to your business.

They could be promotional videos for your products/services, informational videos; whatever you like. Draw in a large audience, and start generating leads and making sales.

Among the marketing ideas that you should be using is Twitter



Trying to influence consumers on your own can be a hard task. This is why you should call upon the help of proper influencers. I’m talking about people who’ve amassed a large following online and have loads of people looking up to them.

They can easily persuade consumers to do things or check your company out. It’s a great way of using social media more effectively as you’re not solely reliant on your own following.

Influencers are easy to find as they’re the people with loads of followers and plenty of regular interactions. It’s that second thing you want to pay more attention to, interactions are more valuable to you than followers. Someone with 40,000 followers might get an average of 100 RT’s on their Twitter posts.

But, someone with 20,000 might get 200 or more interactions. This means more people are looking at their things right now, some people grow a following, but then people get bored of them so don’t pay attention anymore. Make sure you contact influencers that can help your brand. Don’t work with people that can damage your reputation, make sure you fit them and they fit you.

After reading this, you should have an idea of some things you might be neglecting in

your marketing strategy. Now, add them to your campaign and watch the overall effectiveness increase. You incorporate new ideas while also improving on general marketing ideas that might not be providing as much success as you hoped.


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