Webinars Boost Business Growth

If you are a serious business owner, you’re always looking for ways to boost business growth.  In the same way Apple took over the smartphone world in what seemed like a click of their fingers, it seems webinars are becoming the most popular way for businesses to grow.

Like most trends that are on the brink of something special, however, webinars are still being greatly misused, which can cause more harm than good to your hopes and aims.

Hosting a webinar that doesn’t address a topic or fails to engage the viewer is going to have a negative impact on your reputation and will do nothing to boost business growth. Get it right, though, and your place as a thought leader will become cemented, and that is exactly what we are going to help you achieve.

webinars are one of the best ways to boost business growth

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Know Your Endgame

Setting a goal is about as crucial as it can get. This is what will determine how successful your webinar is, and will be the driving factor when it comes to motivating people to log in and take notes.

It could be your goal is to become the industry leader, get more subscribers, use this as the platform to launch a new service, freshen up your product line or re-brand yourself. Know the goal and you can lock in the call to action.

Having A Selling Point

Being able to stand out from the white noise and give people a reason to give you their time you need to have a standout selling point. A great example of this is Markus Heitkoetter who says he can teach anyone to trade in sixty minutes, something the reviews here (https://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/educational-consultants/rockwell-trading-services-llc-in-austin-tx-90094863) tend to back up. That’s the kind of thing that will grab people’s interest. They know that they are giving up their time now in exchange for saving time later on. It’s genius.

Don’t Neglect The Email List

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful relationship building strategies out there. Yes, social media should be used to promote your webinar, but then have participants sign up using their email address. Not only will you have a wider subscription net, but you can then offer them a free download as a thank you-slash-way to promote yourself long after the webinar is done and dusted.

Let Them Know You’re Status

When it comes to marketing your webinar, one of the most important things you can do is boast about your status as an expert. Okay, maybe boast is the wrong word, but don’t be shy about it.

People will want to know that you’re webinar is going to be worth their time, that you are someone worth listening to. People reserve themselves for the highest authorities because that’s where they want their information to come from, so paint yourself in that light and you will easily boost business growth within your chosen niche.

Get Them Involved More

The more you can encourage some form of engagement the more of a success your webinar will be. It could be having them fill in a questionnaire or sending in questions beforehand, you could even conduct surveys during the webinar and polls afterwards. If you want more on this, then just check out this article. By doing this you are encouraging participation that will drastically improve the success of what you are doing because you are letting them have direct access to an expert. Don’t underestimate that.


Webinars are a powerful tool to boost business growth and develop your brand and reputation.  The problem most people have, myself included, is they don’t know how to plan and deliver a webinar in a professional manner that will accomplish the goals you set.

My answer, and one I would suggest to you, is a small investment in yourself and your business by getting Kate McShea’s 60 Minute Enrollment Method, where she takes you by the hand and leads you trough every step to having your first webinar done in 14 days.

The cost of the program can easily be re-cooped by many on their very first webinar and over the life of your business will pay for itself dozens of times over.  To check it out, click on the image below.

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