Creating Your Home Office

Working from home is amazing! Long gone are the days of hours-long commutes, dealing with crappy co-workers or having to even get dressed in the morning.

Instead, you simply have to grab a cup of coffee, open your computer and work away!

But working from home is not without its challenges since it’s easy to become unmotivated and do other things while at home, which is why it’s essential that you have a designated work area where you go to everyday to get you in the right mindset.

Creating a home office is fairly simple and here are a few tips on how to create one in just about any area of your home:

Utilize your space

Even if you feel as if you don’t have room for an office, you’ll have to make do and utilize your space as best as you can.

If you don’t have a dedicated room to call your office, you can easily create a small workspace in the corner of any room.

You might even be able to fit your office in your closet if it’s big enough! It’s all about being creative with the space you do have and work around space issues so that you have somewhere to do your work.

Home office table with notebook and lot of details

Notebook computers allow you to work with minimal space.

One big advantage you will receive if you are able to dedicate a room specifically for your office is the tax deductions you can potentially receive.

Dedicated office space allows you to deduct items such as electricity, internet, phone, etc.

Usually you are allowed to take a percentage of your home’s monthly costs for these items and deduct the percentage that your home office takes up of the total home space.

Check with your tax preparer for specifics, but these can be significant deductions.

Make it fun

No one wants to work in a boring environment, so make your workspace fun and interesting by adding some personality to it.

Decorate it with pictures, mementos and things that you like or inspire you. Just be careful not to over decorate it because that might actually be a distraction from your actual work.

My personal office contains a number of items that just make me feel good every time I enter the room.

I have my love for the sport of ice hockey on full display, along with mementos from many life experiences, such as trips and special events that I have attended.

My affinity for the movie Wizard of Oz is even easy to identify for anyone walking in.  But, the office is for me, as your office should be for you.

It makes me smile and puts me in a great frame of mind to work.  I just love being there.  Here’s a tour around my office space:


Have all the right equipment

When creating your office, make sure that you have all the equipment you’ll need to be productive.

Most likely you’ll need a computer and printer, but other things you might need depending on your business is a landline, scanner, fax machine, answering machine or other things as they relate to your job.

Having everything you’ll need on one place will make your work flow a lot more efficient.

Home office 2

When designing your space, everything you need, from an equipment standpoint should be within an arm’s reach.

Many of us begin our home businesses while still holding down a full time job, so time is our biggest asset.

Even something like having to go to a separate space to make a copy or get pages that you have printed out can steal valuable time.

So, make your home office space conducive to being efficient with your time.

 Having everything you need within easy reach will maximize your efficiency.


Having a home office is something that will be a major asset in helping you stay on task, remain motivated and more likely to succeed.

Having a designated home office space gives you a more professional feeling about what you are doing and lends itself to getting things accomplished daily.

It’s understandable, if space is limited, that you may not be able to designate a whole room as your home office, but if you can, that’s preferred.

Having a full room further ads to the professional feeling, and having a door that can be closed off from kids, pets and other distractions is a big advantage.

If you don’t currently have a space that you have made as “your place for business”, please consider it.  You will find your focus, efficiency and success will all increase.

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