Ensuring Your Webinar Success

Once you make the smart decision to use one of the most powerful recruitment tools available to online marketers, how do you ensure webinar success?  Webinars are a fantastic way of engaging your audience and bringing in more money, but they can be fraught with issues.

Planning will ensure webinar success

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From a webinar that cuts out 10 minutes in to a poor attendance rate – it’s so easy for all of your hard work to go down the drain and all your planning be for naught.  The good news is that you can ensure that your webinar success if you take these very simple steps:

Choose the Right Platform

Webinar success begins with the selection of the platform for your presentation.  Choose a hosting platform that has a good reputation for being reliable. You should also choose a platform that can be viewed from as many devices as possible so that you can reach as many people as possible. It’s a good idea to choose a platform with good IT support too. That way, if things do start to go wrong, you can get them back on track fast.

Choose the Time Wisely

Next, you’ll want to sit down and think about your target audience. When are they most likely to be free to tune in? If you host your webinar on a Monday morning and most of your audience are currently 9-5ers, well that isn’t going to see your attendance soar, now is it?  Webinar success takes planning.

Don’t be Too Broad

If you want to engage your audience and have them eating out of the palm of your hand, then you should pick a narrow focus. For example, if you’re holding a webinar about starting a business, instead of making it general, concentrate on one area of business such as multi-level marketing or opening a store online. That way, it will be more interesting, and the audience are likely to be much more engaged.

Use the best equipment, especially your microphone, to ensure webinar success

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Use the Correct Equipment

The equipment you use really can make or break the success of your webinar. If you use the microphone that’s built into your laptop, for example, you’re less likely to be heard clearly than you are using a professional mic, the same goes for the quality of the phone line you use and your camera of choice. So, always use the best you can afford, even if it means investing in some extra equipment.

Promote, Promote, Promote

It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked on writing a great webinar or how amazing your camera if no one knows about your webinar, which is why you should start promoting the event well in advance of the date it’s scheduled for. Not only that, but you should promote it across as many platforms as you can to maximize interest, too.

Be Charismatic

If you aren’t the most charismatic person in the world, it’s a good idea to learn how to be more animated, entertaining and persuasive before you hold the webinar. Spend less time looking at your script and more time looking at the camera and don’t be afraid to adlib – you’ll look much more professional that way.

Here’s to a hugely successful webinar!


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