Existing Customers – The Key To More Sales

Existing customers are often times overlooked when trying to expand your business and your bank account.  Every business wants to make as many sales as possible  which is why most of them focus on new customers. The truth is that while new customers do make a difference, they aren’t the only answer, or even the best.

If you want to increase your sales performance, it’s imperative to look at the loyal consumers that you already have. Sure, they might not seem as sexy or exciting, but they are a vat of money just waiting for an excuse to spend.  The hardest sale you will ever make is the first one.  After that, if you have delivered quality to a customer on their initial sale, they are far more likely to buy again and again.

All you have to do is figure out what makes them tick, and then you can discover new riches. With that in mind, here are the sales tactics that existing customers love. In fact, they love them so much that they won’t hold back once they start looking to you to solve their problems.

Existing customers are key to expanding sales


Never Forget

If you’re honest, you should be able to admit that you don’t give your customers the credit they deserve. When you first attract them, you will do anything to make sure they’re happy. But, the luster starts to die down after a while, and you begin to lose interest.

Obviously, this doesn’t sit very well with customers, which is why they show their displeasure with their credit cards. Simply put, they want your continued attention and expect to hear from you on a regular basis, delivering content they can use. By showing them that you care, the original dynamic will return and so will their spending habits. It doesn’t take much because a reward for their loyalty is all they want. The more contact you can have with your customers, the more likely they are to continue trusting what you offer them.

Offer Discounts

The ultimate reward for their patronage is a discount. Now, you can’t provide loyal patrons any discount because that doesn’t separate them from the rest. No, what you have to do is tailor the promotion to the demographic.

For example, put out an email blast to customers with an account offering them a 10% discount on products and services (if you’re promoting your own goods or services). If you are doing affiliate or network marketing, the company you are promoting controls the price, but you can still add value to sales, with free coaching, a private Facebook page for purchasers where they can ask and get questions answered, etc.

The great thing about this tactic is that makes people feel like they are the only customers in your world without excluding anyone else. As long as the wording is right, the existing customers should feel like a million dollars. To weed out the actual loyal patrons, only ‘blast’ those that fit a list of criteria.

Offer discounts for Existing Customers


Make Buying Easier

Have you ever looked at the business’s payment structure, as in the layout of the checkouts? If the answer is no, there is a good chance this is the reason regular customers are giving up on your brand. Simply put, consumers don’t want to waste time waiting around because they are too busy.

Anyway, there are far too many competitors that won’t make them wait. Instead, you need to make the process quick and simple when buying online. One way to hit this target is to use a developer API system. In layman’s terms, this is an integrated system that allows you to merge all of your selling protocols. So, instead of disjointed checkouts, you can have one fluid system.

Up Sell

Being contented when people head to the checkout is the biggest mistake businesses make on a daily basis. It’s almost as if they are happy that they made one conversion, so they don’t bother with anything else. Sure, you should be glad that people want to buy your products and services. However, it’s wrong to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Customers that are ready to buy are also the top contenders for up selling. Remember what we said about the first sale being the hardest.  The best time to offer something else to buy, especially online, is right after they have made their initial purchase.

This means they will buy more items just because they are in the mood. Big corporations are the best at this sales technique, but you can also implement it throughout your online business. Upselling is the key strategy behind every 6-7 figure earners online.  Make sure you place products for upsales that strategically align with the initial product they just purchased. Yes, many customers will pass on your second or third offer, but you will have some that buy a second and third product from you while paying for the first one.  You would have left money on the table had you not had an upsale product in place.  You never know the answer until you ask.

Instill Trust

Existing customers are loyal, but only when they trust the brand. If something gets in between you and your base, the trust will erode in seconds. Unfortunately, the internet is such an obstacle.

Thanks to online theft, users are more and more worried about inputting card details. Of course, it affects you because it gives them more reason not make a sale in the first place. But, if you can come across as trustworthy, they won’t think twice.

The good news is your domain name holds the key. A website that starts with ‘HTTPS’ is a secure and encrypted platform.  Customers know this because of the green lock icon that appears in the top left-hand corner.

Follow this advice and you’ll see sales increase, without increasing the daily lead flow you currently have, all because you didn’t ignore your existing customers.


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