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The quest to find new prospects can seem daunting at times, especially if you are just getting started in your network or affiliate marketing business.  Do you ever feel as if you’re using the same tired marketing and sales techniques to find your customers?

When you stick to what you know, you can often find that your growth slows and your options to find new prospects are always the same – slim. But what can you do about that, especially if you don’t want to take too much of a risk with your budget?

Well, there is a range of interesting and different ways that you can boost your business, sales, and customer pool with a minimal budget. Tackling a range of different channels, here are five new methods to try to help you find new prospects.

using the internet to find new prospects is an obvious choice for building your business

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Guest Posting

When you’re looking at the different online options that you have for gaining prospects, you might rely heavily on your website or social media. But, it’s handy to know that they aren’t the only avenues available to you.

Accessing a wider audience can be done online in so many ways, but content marketing is always one you should lean on heavily. If you start to guest post on a range of blogs, you’re able to tap into their audience as well as your own as a way to find new prospects.


Then there’s also the option of picking up the phone. It might be something that you stay away from, due to the access that the internet gives you, but calling is a great way to find prospects. You don’t even have to cold call, as you could use a call network to generate calls for you. Some people prefer to use the phone, so you’re missing out on their business by not doing what they do.

don't ignore face to face opportunities to find new prospects

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Using Offers

Then there’s also the classic idea of enticing new customers with offers. A lot of people will do this with discount codes online or via email, but you may also want to give it a whirl with physical marketing too. If you have a store, but a sign up or sandwich board. You could also use leaflets and hand them out in your local area with promotional discounts, or new customer offers too. If you can hook a new customer, you may then have them for like.


If you want to find new prospects that are going to be like your current customers, one of the best ways to do that is with referrals. Although you may think it’s not easy to get them, there are ways that you can incentivize customers to refer their friends and family. Plus, you’ll often find that referrals are great for generating warm leads and almost guaranteed sales.

Guest Speaking

And finally, you’ve also got the option to access a new audience in a very similar way to guest posting, but in more of a physical sense. Regardless of the product or service that you offer, or what industry you work in, there’s often the option to guest speak at an event.

Whether it’s an industry event or something for customers, guest speaking is a great way to raise awareness of your business and what you do.  Check out your local Meet-Up groups, as they offer great opportunities to not only meet people, but speak and put yourself forward as a leader people want to join.

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