You Can Generate More Leads

One of the most ‘bang your head against the wall’ parts of running a business is trying to generate more leads. You’ve done everything that was mentioned on a blog you read, like sending out mailers, printing flyers and hitting your social media followers with everything you possibly can, but you still aren’t making enough progress to grow your business.

The bad news is, there is no secret that we can whisper in your ear. The good news is, there are a lot of other ways you can generate new leads, so don’t hang your head just yet.

The goal to generate more leads for your business should be a relationship building experience, including telling your buying customers thank you

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A Non-Salesy eBook To Generate More Leads

If you are trying to attract more B2B clients or you work in a pretty technical industry, then you will probably know that business leaders love to educate themselves and gain more insight into their industry. That is where an eBook can have huge success. Just make sure you write it from a neutral perspective and avoid selling anything. Just inform the reader and watch them flock.

Blogs Are Best

Having a well maintained and regularly updated blog is still one of the best tools you can use when it comes to generating more leads. It allows you to get the undivided attention of an audience, inform the reader, take control over what is said and make it optimized for lead generation.

As the ground-shakers at a Propaganda Today will attest, having good content is the most badass way of giving your paid media something worth singing about. So long as you learn about linking, back-linking and using subscriptions, you will find this works as an inbound marketing tool.

Twitter Is Terrific

You should not think twice about getting into the whole Twitter thing as a way to generate more leads because it is one of the most successful ways to get new leads. You can use it to reach influencers in your market, start conversations with people in a position of importance, build a following, grow your exposure and connect and communicate with potential customers.

All of these interactions will see people start to check out your site. As with everything, there are tricks to be learned, such as how to make the most of a hashtag, but putting aside an hour to educate yourself should be all you need.

Infographics Still Up There

These have been going for some time now, but their power still lives on. People still share them and people still stop to see what they are all about. Why? Because it is an easy way to digest a lot of content. The great news for you is how cheap they are to produce.

All you need is an idea, an account on Upwork, and then somewhere to share it to generate more leads.  Whether that be your blog, your social media pages or LinkedIn. Just make sure you stick to informing and and providing valuable content and you will find an infographic can work wonders for your exposure. That doesn’t mean you need to live on the extremes, as this example demonstrates perfectly. You should still slap your logo and web address at the bottom somewhere so that people know it was you that spawned such a genius idea.


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