The Importance of Technology

Online marketing has changed a huge amount over the past decade or so. And every day that passes, more people than ever before are starting to understand the power technology can have for finding success in both Network and Affiliate Marketing.

There is still a huge amount of potential in doing things the old way, of course – presentation parties, ‘club’ events, and face-to-face sales are still an enormous part of the home business process, especially for Network Marketers. But make no mistake about it, the simple truth is that if you aren’t using technology properly, you are missing out on a lot. Here are a few reasons why tech is so important to the modern day home business owner.

Utilizing technology effectively is key to online marketing success.

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Access to millions of people

First of all, there are only so many people you can talk to face to face on any particular day – and only so many minutes in that day. By using a website, however, you can access an almost unlimited amount of people.

Email marketing, SEO, PPC and online squeeze pages/sales funnels are all enormous drivers of leads, regardless of the products you are trying to sell. And the reality is that with good knowledge of how to use these new technologies, you will give yourself a better chance of climbing the ladder much faster than you can when you do things ‘the old way.’

Speed and ease of use

As point out if you have a poor system running everything, nothing will work as well as it should – it’s that simple. The speed of your website, your ability to run a professional looking webinar, the ease with which people can get through your sales funnels – and much more besides – will be better with a good infrastructure than a poor one.

It’s worth investing time and resources getting the foundations of your technology in good shape, either by outsourcing to an IT management company or hiring a dedicated pro to take care of your back end.

A chance to compete

If you don’t have a website, aren’t running webinars or aren’t using Facebook to grow your business, the truth is that you can bet your direct rivals are using this technology. The Network and Affiliate Marketing scene is exceptionally competitive, and if you want to taste success in any way, it’s vital that you have as much as technology possible in your armory.

Internet marketing is an essential ingredient if you want to enjoy a successful online marketing career, and it’s well worth spending time and resources on either learning the ropes or hiring a professional to guide you.

Low cost

Finally, are you worried that investing in technology is going to cost you? Well, as point out, you can get started with relative peanuts.

A Google account will give you access to their Hangouts video conferencing service, that you can use to host webinars. You can build a presence on any of the social media platforms and create a responsive and engaged audience for free – other than the time it takes you to manage your accounts.

And there are a huge array of free SEO tools out there that can help you get found in the search engines for keywords relevant to your business offering. So, as a final point – if you want to get started in online marketing, everything is available to you for either free or at low cost. And once you start turning a profit, you can invest in more effective, paid technology solutions – good luck!

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