Lead Generation For Dummies

For people who are involved in network of affiliate marketing, lead generation is a massive part of business. It’s the difference between growing your network and stagnating. But what’s the best way to generate leads? How can you convince your customers to spend their hard-earned money on your product?

These questions have been baffling the minds of some of the greatest people in business for decades. But over time, some nuggets of wisdom have emerged that seem to work. Here is some lead generation advice from leading experts.

Put Your Feet In The Customer’s Shoes

Andy Purbrick, a lead generation expert from the Performance Horizon Group, says that companies need to develop an understanding of how the customer got to them. When the customer picks up the phone and calls the company, it’s usually because they’ve been funneled through one of the company’s marketing channels.

It’s essential that the company understand which and then bake this into the script for the call. For instance, if a customer is ringing up because they expect to receive a free quote, this needs to be part of the sales script. Customers shouldn’t feel like they’re having to get blood out of a stone, especially when they’ve been promised something in advance. This is a real turn off.

Balance Your Incentives Carefully

Back in the 1990s, the vacuum cleaner company, Hoover, started offering free international flights with its vacuums. The company thought that offering a perk whenever a customer bought a vacuum cleaner would increase sales of vacuum cleaners. The company was right, but it was all for the wrong reasons. As it turned out, people weren’t buying vacuums because they wanted vacuums. Instead, they were buying vacuums to get the free flights.

Hoover taught the business world a valuable lesson: that incentives in marketing have to be balanced. Sure, you could offer people free iPads for every copy of your magazine they bought, but they wouldn’t be buying your magazine because they wanted to invest in your brand. They’d just be doing it to get the free iPad. In other words, incentives should be appropriate for the product you’re trying to push.

Have A Great Local Conversion Strategy

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The majority of small businesses serve their local community. That’s why it’s so important to take into account tips for onpage local SEO optimization. If your company serves people in your local community, your SEO strategy should reflect that.

Get To Know How Much Your Leads Are Worth

In an ideal world, all your leads would cost the same to generate. But in reality, that’s rarely the case. Instead, different leads come from different places on the internet, all at significant cost. Knowing which of your leads cost the most helps you to tweak your spending. Sometimes it’s possible to divert spending from high average cost-per-lead channels to low-average-cost-per-lead channels.

Don’t Pay Twice For The Same Lead

Many affiliate marketers end up spending more than they need to on digital marketing because they target the same lead twice. Some leads can cost up to $50 and so generating multiple “leads” from the same client can get very expensive, fast. The good news is that now there are all sorts of platforms out there which promise to help businesses avoid the problem of “duping” up on clients.

Ditch Your Preconceptions

When it comes to lead generation, there is no set strategy. Often, the tactics that you think will work fall flat on their face and you have the most success using a method you never expected would have an impact.

According to Purbrick, the only factor you should consider once the campaign goes live is whether it generates a return or not. If it fails to live up to expectations, then you should swap it out and try something completely new.

Purbrick describes one of his own experiences. He remembers being in an executive meeting where the marketing ideas on the table looked incredible. He expected that, with the right execution, the strategy would be highly successful. However, a few weeks into the campaign, it became apparent that it simply wasn’t resonating with customers. As a result, he and his team went back to the drawing board.

Avoid Hurdles

Some affiliate marketers want their customers to jump through a bunch of hoops before they give them what they want. But putting too many hurdles in the way can be a real turn off for busy customers.

A good example of this is too many forms on your website. Ideally, you’d just have a couple of fields where the customer can put their name and their email address. But some companies don’t allow customers to proceed unless they’ve filled out lots of additional information too. In most cases, this is a bad idea.

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