Lead Generation Techniques

Lead generation techniques are designed to go out there and grab customers; while you sit back and let the customers come to you. Isn’t that the dream? Naturally, it’s unlikely that any person is going to just pop up from nowhere. What you need to do is put the systems in place that’ll help people find your business or service “on their own.”

We put this in quotation marks because they won’t really turn up of their own accord; if you do your job properly, they’ll turn up because you invited them, albeit in subtle ways. Take a look at four of the best lead generation techniques we’ve outlined below, implement them, and wait for the potential customers to roll in.

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Hosting a Webinar

You’ve got something to offer the world, so why not offer it to as many people as possible in one handy, easy to digest webinar? There are boat loads of advantages to hosting a webinar. For starters, you’ll be positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

That’s an instant credibility that can be hard to achieve. Second, you won’t just be generating leads; you’ll be generating high-quality leads – that’s a big difference. You can also take all the content you share during the webinar and use it for blogs, videos, web content and so on for your website. Talking of which….

Your Website

Forget the social media channels for a second. They can only take you so far. What can take you into the stratosphere is your website, which should be the foundation from which everything else grows. Your website should have strong content writing, a blog, videos, and all the other strong SEO assets that’ll make sure people are visiting your site.

Once your visitors are there, you should be prompting them to sign up for your newsletter. Do this, and you’ll be on the brink of turning your visitors into customers.  One of the biggest mistakes many make is to put all their efforts into social media.  

Social media is, of course, one of your most valuable lead generation techniques.  But, what if the platform changes?  Your efforts could be for nothing.  It makes sense to work hard on something you control, not someone else, which is the case with Facebook, Twitter

Writing an eBook

It’s difficult to create the kind of relationships that you really want to have with your customers, potential and present. An eBook is a terrific way to do this, however. By giving away a free ebook, you could find yourself with thousands of leads, all because you offered them something valuable. Of course, there are rules to creating an ebook.

You can’t target everybody, for instance: don’t trick people into downloading something you know they won’t want. Be upfront about the book and who it’s for. For the book itself, keep things simple, well written, and above all, useful.

Other Sites

Your website is just one fish in a big ocean. Other sites, though? They’re the sharks and whales of the internet, capturing thousands, if not millions, of views each month. If these sites accept guest posts and you have something legitimately useful to say, then by guest blogging on these sites – with your bio and a link to your website – you might find that you’re able to bring in much more visitors to your site. Of course, you need to make sure you’re giving useful information, and that you’re targeting the right sites – a blog with 100 views a month will not be worth your while, for instance.

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