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If you want your business to be a true leader in the lead generation arena, then the first factor of the world of business that you should be mastering leading customers where you want them to go. Specifically, you should be seeking leading customers to information that will make them want to buy your product, or, at the very least, opt into your mailing list.

Yes, you should be seeking to lead your customers, and more to the point you should be leading customers in the direction that you choose, because doing so is the only way you are going to guarantee a steady string of customers and then subsequently profit for your business.

To see what you can do to change your business practices and turn your business into one where you are leading your customers, rather than it being the other way around despite the ‘customer is king’ world of business that we trade in, make sure to read on.

Leading customers to where you want on your website to maximize profits.

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Don’t be afraid to mask the truth a little when it comes to your public image

Lying is never encouraged in business, doing so loses trust and can even get you in serious trouble with the law. But, masking the truth can be something that can benefit a business, especially when it comes to boosting their public image in the early stages.

Even if you are just starting out online, don’t be afraid to project a positive image regarding your business and your own expertise.  The fact that you have started means you are more of an expert than 99% of the people out there searching for information on how to create income online.

Perhaps you have only created a dozen or so leads for your business.  That’s a dozen more than someone who’s never created a single lead, and you’ve already learned things about lead generation that you can teach to others.

Just because your business is based primarily online, doesn’t mean you can’t also provide a physical address, even if it’s your home.  Many people are not trusting of businesses that don’t have a physical presence.

If you are trying to attract local business, you can always pay for a virtual office — when you come to do so, make sure to find out more here on how best to do so and who to turn to when doing so — and then having your business appear to your customers, for all intents and purposes, to be operating from an address that is far more established in the world of business, in your local region.

Doing so will mean you are leading the thoughts of your customers in the direction you want them to be lead in, and thus not allowing their own thoughts to stop them from bringing their business to you.

Stop rewarding customers because of loyalty

Customers like to feel appreciated when they show loyalty towards you. And, yes, it is good to reward this loyalty and forge long-lasting relationships with customers.

But, you should not be rewarding your old customers any more than you reward your new ones — doing so will be playing into the hands of the customer and thus result in lost money for you.

More to the point, you shouldn’t be rewarding loyalty any more than you should be rewarding new custom because, quite frankly, you don’t have control over any of your customers, no matter how new or old they are and no matter how many rewards you throw their way.

You see, customers have complete control over where they take their business and what businesses they choose to provide with profit, so no matter who you reward and what this reward is you could lose your customers anyway through no fault of your own. So, in order to save yourself from wasting your profits on rewarding customers because you deem them to be loyal, stop with all the rewarding.

If you want your business to be a success, you have to lead your customers in the direction you want them to be led in.

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