Lucrative Startup Ideas For 2017

Startup ideas are a great place to start if you are looking to get your own business up and running.  Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start up a business should plan for the future. The planning process of a business can take months or even years for some people.

Instead of focusing on what’s hot now, think about startup ideas that are likely to be lucrative in the future.

If you’re ready to start planning, you should think about what kind of company will take off in 2017. With technology coming on in leaps and bounds, there’s a lot of room for startups in the tech industry. But various other trends have been growing throughout the 2010s.

Here are some lucrative startup ideas for 2017.

Social Media Services

startup ideas around social media are great choices


Social media becomes more and more prominent each year. Facebook remains the most populated social network. However, research shows that apps and websites like WhatsApp, Instagram, and SnapChat are on the rise.

There are many ways to start a business with social media. You might want to make a social media marketing consultancy.

Although SEO is still the king of the digital marketing industry, social media marketing seems likely to catch up.

If you have expertise in a particular social media channel, you may want to offer your skills to businesses. A lot of companies now hire SnapChat enthusiasts to post engaging pictures and videos for their customers.

But, new social media networks are always growing, so you may want to focus on an entirely new one.

Selling Electronics

Electronics retailers have been around for many years. There are many kinds of gadgets and devices you can sell. But it’s an industry that only keeps growing, with tech devices becoming more interesting and accessible to people of all ages.

Buying and selling electronics might take some investment. You’ll need to look into options for borrowing money to raise your working capital. A merchant cash advance is a good idea, as it pays itself off through sales.

Smartphones and tablets practically sell themselves these days. You may also want to focus on the Drone market as they’re becoming a favorite gadget for consumers. Plus, sound equipment is always in high-demand, so there are plenty of options for electronics sellers.

Create A Juice Bar

startup ideas for 2017 include starting a juice bar

With interest in health and fitness increasing, many people now look for healthy drinks on the go. Juice bars are on the rise. You don’t just have to offer juice. Many people like to get smoothies, protein shakes, and other healthy beverages from these stores.

It’s often cheap to start. Creating healthy juices and smoothies is easy to learn. People are often willing to buy these drinks at a high markup. If you open a stall or a store in a busy area, you’re likely to profit fast.


App Developing

With smartphone use growing, apps are becoming incredibly lucrative. In fact, it’s predicted that the app industry will be worth $77 billion by next year! There’s never been a better time for entrepreneurs to get involved.

Those with experience in programming apps can make a business out of their own creations. Even if you don’t have the technical skills, you can hire programmers and have them develop your ideas. After an app is created, you’ll need to find ways to market it and profit from it through things like ads or in-app sales.

It can be started for cheap and reap big rewards if done right. It’s an ideal sector for startups.


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