Mistakes In Lead Generation

Mistakes in lead generation are going to happen, but you can minimize them by knowing some of the common ones to avoid.  Lead generation is critical to any business these days.

Without it, you will really struggle to find any leads and convert them into customers and sales. Even though it’s pretty easy to get right, there are still some common mistakes in lead generation that marketers continue to make in their lead strategies.

Here are the ones you need to avoid.

Avoid mistakes in lead generation to maximize your online marketing


You’ve Forgotten The Call To Action

One of the most important parts of lead generation is the call to action. This needs to be very visible on your landing page. Not too sure what a call to action is? It’s just something that prompts people to do something.

For instance, you might have a hyperlink that says ‘contact us now’ and links to your contact form. If you don’t have a call to action, there is very little chance that your potential customers will take the necessary action once they land on your website. They might simply navigate away.

There Are Too Many Calls To Action

On the other hand, you might have added way too many calls to action to your website. This will result in a website that has dozens of links that take people away from what you actually want them to do.

All of the different things to click on will distract them, and they will probably navigate away from your site before getting chance to convert.

Your Apps Aren’t Generating The Leads They Should

Lots of companies these days have their very own app. However, not all of these businesses are using the apps for lead generation purposes.

First, you need to make sure that the app is providing the best possible user experience. This is something a test app can figure out for you.

Once you are happy with the user experience, you should then ensure that your app has links to your site. You might also want to add some in-app payment options so that your customers can buy your products or services without navigating away from the app.

Success online is dependent on minimizing mistakes in lead generation


You Are Buying Leads

Buying leads is one of the biggest mistakes in lead generation.  There, I said it.  I know there are “gurus” out there making tons of cash selling leads, but they aren’t building a business with those, because 99% are worthless.

Lead generation needs to be completely organic. If you start buying leads, you will find that this has a very negative effect.

If you do start buying email lists (the most common form of leads to buy) you will find that your IP reputation is seriously harmed. Plus, lots of people will think that you are spamming them!

So, keep on working on building leads organically and stay away from throwing your money away on purchased leads who have no idea who you are or why you’re contacting them!

Get Blogging

Still don’t have a blog? You need to change that immediately! A blog is the perfect place to convert leads. You should work on incorporating a blog into your content marketing strategy to see things really take off in your business. Not only will it help with your lead generation, but it will also give you a chance to become an industry thought leader.

You shouldn’t be falling at these lead generation hurdles. Hopefully, this blog post will help you improve your whole lead generation strategy from now on!

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