Mistakes That Will Break Your Community

When you run a business that depends on network or affiliate marketing, your community of followers are the people who matter more than anyone else. They matter more than any business you intend to form a partnership with.

Without a strong community of followers, none of your other partnerships matter. Yet a lot of people in the home business niche forget this and wonder why they don’t see the kind of returns they expect. Here, we’ll look at how you put the focus in the right place and make sure your connections with your community stays strong.

build a community, build your business

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They’re not being reached

Visibility and social capital are essential for any network or affiliate marketer wanting to build their business online. If you can’t get people to visit your site, and most importantly keep visiting, then you won’t see the kind of traffic that you could be making money from.

However, it’s not about doing all you can to make yourself as visible as possible. Instead of working harder, work smarter. Figure out who your target audience is and start thinking about how you’re going to reach them specifically and build a community of like minded people.

Always consider what value your content has to this ideal customer, for instance. And when you’re using search engine optimization, think of what keywords and phrases have the most relevance to this core group. Don’t make the mistake of loading with as many keywords as possible to cast a broader net. Most

SEO consultants will tell you that will have the opposite effect to improving your visibility.

You’re not being honest enough with them

Network and affiliate marketers make their living from their partners, there’s no getting around that. But there are honest ways to do it.

If you’re writing a review based on a product you’ve been sent, be clear about it. Otherwise, consider talking about how you choose the partnerships you use.

Make it clear that you only use relevant partners, and make sure that you’re not telling any lies when you say that. It’s all too obvious when someone joins a partnership that is entirely irrelevant to their site and to their audience. When people see that, they will know not to trust anything you say.

This is why I’m always very above board with you about my affiliation with Elite Marketing Pro and my trust in the training programs that they offer.  I invest annually to be a VIP member and wouldn’t recommend them to this audience unless 1) their training has worked for me and 2) I believe that the same training would be beneficial to you and your business success.

They’re not getting enough in return

You rely on visitors to support your business, but if they’re not feeling like they’re getting enough in return, they won’t bother coming back. It’s not enough to provide great content, you have to build a loyal community.

Interact more with them. Host webinars, involving them in things like Q&As to offer advice. Get them involved in your success by using their testimonials and celebrating milestones with them.

If they leave a comment on the blog or in social media, then answer them. If they raise a particularly good question or comment then consider making it the impetus behind a new piece of content. You need to constantly re-establish a connection with your readers to make a real community out of them.

Remember to keep yourself honest, keep reaching the right people, and keep them invested by getting them engaged. These are the three most important parts of forming connections that are going to support your business for years to come.

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