Never Be Afraid To Say Hello

Saying hello seems like such a simple thing to do, but the very thought of it often frightens new entrepreneurs. The online business world can be a fickle one, but it can also be a small one.

It can be surprising as to how many home business owners know each other, even if their respective businesses are miles apart – or even in different countries. They may know each other personally, or they may know each other on a level after they have heard about and learned about the businesses that each of them run and own.

With this aspect, they possibly will not know each other on a personal level, but they know each other’s work and recognize each other through advertisements or if they have been at the same conference or event at the same time.

But, if you’re afraid to say “hello” and get to know someone, you will never build a relationship that could benefit both of you.  This is one of the reasons I encourage people to attend live training events.  The people you meet can many times be more important that the training you received.

It is important in the business world that as many connections as possible are made with other business owners: you never know when that connection you made a while ago will become useful. It is also important because when you speak to other business owners, this could mean that the reach of your business could develop as they may speak to other business owners, or customers, about your business, and so on.

Say Hello and meet people for your business

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However, it can sometimes be daunting when you are faced with having to make an impression or start up a conversation with other business owners. This is especially true if the business owner in question is very well known or is extremely experienced with their chosen industry field, and already has a lot of connections, whereas you may be incredibly new to the business industry and your startup might be extremely young – which could mean you will not be that well known yet.

But, in the case of introducing yourself, and your business, you should be confident and feel like you are on the same level as the people you want to introduce yourself to. Say hello and introduce yourself to as many people as you can at an event.  After all, you run a business, they run a business, and you are in the same field. Yes, they may be more experienced but – in time – you will be as experienced as them.  And, you never know who might be your game changing business partner down the road.

Instead of immediately introducing yourself at the event you are at, it may be a good idea to wait until there is a break in the proceedings and then you can introduce yourself. This is important as the person will not want to feel as if they are being sprung upon and, if it is early morning, they will more than likely want a coffee before the event begins.

If you feel that you would be intruding in their space throughout the day, it may be worth investing in business cards from Catdi Printing, which you can simply hand out while giving a quick hello to the people you want to introduce yourself to.

Saying hello is the first step to building a working relationship

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Be direct in explaining who you are, what your business is, and what your home business specializes in. It’s likely that the people at the event are very busy and would rather you be direct than mumbling your words and not explaining yourself properly.

Be direct, polite, courteous and passionate. That way, you will have made a point in a brief amount of time.

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