Online Business Mistakes

When you take the leap and finally get started, here are some online business mistakes to avoid.  You need to make sure that you are prepared for everything that will come your way.

Running an online business is no mean feat and it can take a long time to establish yourself as a trusted brand. Tread carefully and make sure that you spread the positive word, while selling your products and brand as much as possible.

online business mistakes can destroy your success

When you do come to start your online business, make sure that you avoid making these textbook errors.

Not having a solid plan

You need to make sure that you always have a specific plan of action when you start a business, because if you don’t know exactly what you plan to achieve you won’t grow and develop as a business. Whether you plan on running a wholesale ecommerce business, a blog or affiliate program: you need to have a plan in place which sets you sales goals and deadlines to keep you on track.

This is exactly why I am a big advocate that those just starting out find a proven plan and training program that will launch them on the road to success.  Find one product that you can promote, for a company with a proven training program, competitive commissions and an inexpensive entry point.  You can always expand into other products later, once you have success.

Focusing in little details

Before you start looking into every little aspect of the business, remember that first you need to establish yourself and gain a bit of an audience. Rather than spending all of your time on small things like business cards or logos, get your business off the ground and build it.

This is especially true for those marketing online.  Wasting time on small elements will take away the time you could have been building your brand, business and sales.

Not thinking about the money

When you first start your business, it can be so easy to become wrapped up in the magic of it all, and in turn ending up not thinking about your money and how much you are spending. Of course, when you launch a business it will take time to get your feet off the ground and make some money, but this does not mean that you should pour everything you have into it right away.

Stay smart and cautious, only spending what you have to in order to determine the marketing that is getting the best results. Once you know what works, then scale up utilizing what you’ve learned.  And, if you can avoid spending a penny, save them for when you need them the most.

Not keeping a close track on spending and where your money is making the most impact is one of the online business mistakes that can hurt, even destroy your business.


If you’re an affiliate, then your prices are set for you.  But, at some point, you may wish to develop your own products to market to the list you’ve been building along the way.

one of the common online business mistakes that those marketing their own products make, is thinking that they can’t charge as much as the bigger brands for a similar product because they aren’t a big enough brand. However, you need to believe in your products and sell them at what they are worth, not what you think you have to sell them for.

No doubt, you will be marketing first to your list that you’ve built, and you should have a relationship with them that will allow you to offer your products or services at competitive prices as those you’ve previously offered as an affiliate.  Be brave and you can always lower the price later down the line if you have to.

Neglecting customer service

When your business finally begins to take off and becomes popular, you may notice a marked increase in the number of customers getting in touch with questions or asking about your products. Never ever neglect the role of customer service in your business, even if you’re an affiliate for a larger company that also provides customer service.

You are the first line of communication with your customer base and being able to personally answer their questions will build your relationship with that customer and solidify your reputation. Make time for your customers because they are the ones who will carry on supporting your business and bringing more people to you.  Ignoring this is easily the biggest of the online business mistakes you need to be trying to avoid.

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