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Productivity is key to your businesses success, especially in the early days right after launch.  You are spending more than eight hours a day in the office and most of that time is spent staring into the soft glow of a computer screen. Is it any wonder you tend to lose focus every so often, their productivity plunging off the cliff at the worst times possible?

The answer is no. Computers – whether desktops or mobiles – give us access to some seriously helpful software and applications, but they also tease us with the one thing we can’t resist; temptation.  But that doesn’t mean you are helpless and to prove this we have pulled together a list of tips and tricks to help you raise the productivity levels in your office.

Keeping productivity high can be a challenge when you are spending hours online, given the temptations that can draw you away from work.

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Get The Help You Need To Help Yourself

The first thing you need to remember is that you are trying to boost productivity, which means it would be a far better idea to bring in the help necessary than to pull up Youtube videos and learn how to DIY this area of your business.

Someone like SimpleGrid will be able to install and teach you how to use productivity trackers like RescueTime, as well as block famous procrastination sites. We’re not saying a seven-minute break here and there to scroll through Instagram or watch a Youtube video is bad. It is a way of unwinding quickly. However, if you have got a problem, then it is going to best if you get someone in to put a block on certain URLs to keep you on track.

Home based, online businesses mean you are accountable for your productivity, as you have no boss to keep you on task.

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Learn About Keyboard Shortcuts

It may only be a matter of seconds that you are saving with keyboard shortcuts, but those seconds add up. They also keep the tempo high meaning nothing can slow you down when you are on a roll.

A few taps of the keyboard is much more efficient than looking despairingly at a toolbar without a clue where to find something. We’re talking cutting a paste, undo, opening a new tab on your browser, switching between windows or screens, moving one screen up or down, saving progress and even shutting down programs.

It is worth holding a workshop on this area of your business and tailoring it to what each of your employees uses – Windows shortcuts or Mac shortcuts.

Declutter All Your Workspaces

We’re not just talking about your physical space here. Yes, it is important to make sure desk space is not overcrowded, office environments don’t seem claustrophobic and it is easy to find things, but it is even more important to clean up your digital space.

It is one of the most effective ways of increasing productivity and yet so often overlooked. We’re talking about deleting old files, removing programs you don’t use and going through your system to make sure files and folders are properly organized.

Not only will this speed up your computer, it will improve efficiency too. All that and we haven’t even mentioned the clutter in your email inbox. The good news is, email decluttering is easy whether you use Outlook or Gmail – just turn on Clutter or Priority Inbox respectively.

Here are my two favorite tools for maximizing my productivity at minimal cost, and you can test drive both for free.

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