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Online service for your customers has never been more important.  We all know that businesses are moving closer and closer towards a completely paper free life, which means one thing: we’re using more and more technology all the time.

For people who were born prior to 1980 (or like me, the 1950’s), this can be somewhat of an issue – but luckily I’m here to provide some hints and tips to help you get up to speed with how to provide the ideal online service for your customers.

Online service should support all devices

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Keep It Reliable

Remember that the most important thing about your company’s online service and technology is that it works. That’s really all your customers want from you: a service that works well and that does what they want.

If you are building your own website or blog to market your products, it’s important to make sure that your IT managed service companies know exactly what they’re doing and that you choose the best ones for you and your business. This might be because they provide the best technology but it also might be because they’re personable whenever you meet, or they always pick up the phones quickly.

Remember that the personal touch that you value from your IT services is similar to the personal touch that your clients will value from you as well.  You may think that services like this are expensive and not for a home business owner, but many areas have companies that can tailor a program for any size business, so check it out.

Online service needs to be reliable

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Keep It Well Trained

It’s important to make sure that you and your team members, if you’re a network marketer, know exactly what you’re doing with your online services. When your customers call for tech support, each member of your team should be able to help with more basic requests.

You should do your best to involve your team in the testing of your site as well when it’s initially being tried out – they’ll be likely to pick up bugs and small user issues, as they’ll know everything that your opportunity provides.

You should ensure that you haven’t released your online service to the general public until it has been extremely thoroughly tested by a number of people and until every single glitch has been fixed. If you welcome feedback, people will be more inclined to interact with you about your product instead of seeing something that doesn’t work properly or that they don’t like, which means they won’t return to your site.

Online service should be easy to access and use

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Keep It Professional

If you have an online presence, it’s important to stay professional at all times, especially with your online service. We all know that social media can be a minefield – what you and your team say and do online can ruin the reputation of a business, especially if you say or do the wrong thing using your business accounts.

Make sure that only people you trust implicitly have access to your business social media and that everything that goes out is fully checked for spelling and grammar. If you’re replying to customers online, make sure that you’re always friendly and respectful, even if you feel the customer is wrong or being unreasonable.

Online service should have a professional appearance

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Keep It On Point

Make sure that everything you do online supports your business. You can definitely include links to interesting articles but it’s important to make sure that they’re relevant – and you should always check your sources to make sure they’re from reputable writers and organisations.

Make sure that you have your aims in mind at all times when you’re interacting online – you want to encourage people to join your business or try your products, and first and foremost you want to provide a great service for the customers you already have.

If you’re well trained, professional, reliable and you always keep your message on point, you’ll do great.  These are the keys to great online service for your customers and business partners, so keep this list and build your website presence accordingly.

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