Strategies To Boost Business

Regardless the niche you have selected to build your laptop lifestyle, you need strategies to boost business.  You have may have selected a great business to partner with for products or services that you know people want. You’ve done your market research, have committed dedicated time and a marketing budget. It’s all a very positive start!

However, that’s exactly what it is, just a start. To really get the word out there to potential customers and get the ball rolling with sales, you need to promote yourself by focusing on strategies to boost business sales. There are a whole lot of different strategies you could go with depending on your budget and the type of company you have joined. Here are just a few avenues you should explore.

planning strategies to boost business is key to success

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Multi Level Marketing

When a company is involved in making direct sales, multi-level marketing (MLM) could be an option. Here, we as distributors can recruit further distributors and are paid a percentage cut out of their sales. It of course allows everyone on the sales team to make money through selling products, plus you can grow your network of distributors and earn additional money through them too.

Many businesses within the health and beauty industry operate using this model; Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife and Juice Plus are all examples. If you decide to get involved with a company in the MLM niche make sure it has set up correctly. The emphasis should be on selling products to customers and not solely on bringing on new distributors, though that is a part of the complete plan.  Otherwise, they could end up being accused of running a pyramid selling scheme which is illegal. Pyramid selling generally focuses more on recruiting than it does selling products so err on the side of caution.  

You need a company who’s products are of the highest quality and value for the price and will help people achieve a specific goal.  I have chosen to partner with ARIIX in the health and wellness field, specifically for this reason.  I was able to use one of the products to lose 72 pounds in less than a year and play ice hockey at the age of 57-59.  Those are results that sell.  I also appreciate the fact that ARIIX has established multiple product lines, so distributors have the ability to sell from all lines, or concentrate on a line that they relate to.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is incredibly important when it comes to business and is certainly not an element to be overlooked. It can help businesses connect with customers, build up loyalty and trust and helps to show that they are a legitimate business. Getting people to shop with new companies is tricky, but if they can see the business has active social accounts, it can give them the nudge they need.

Best of all it has higher conversion rates than most other kinds of marketing. When your clients are building their site, encourage them to choose a company offering responsive web design services with clear links to all of their social media accounts. Setting up social accounts is completely free, and it’s an easy way to advertise and promote to a huge range of potential customers, one of the key strategies to boost business and get the word out.

regardless your niche, strategies to boost business sales are key

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Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you will be assisting businesses place their ads or links on various advertising mediums, and get a commission for every sale made. The benefit to the business of this is the commission is usually relatively small, though many affiliate marketers can earn thousands for a single sale and working with affiliate marketers is likely to get their ad seen by a wide range of people.

Essentially it’s a ‘recommendation’ from the website owner and is actually one of the oldest forms of marketing.  If you have your own products or services that you would like to get seen by a larger audience, you should create an affiliate program and then liaise with bloggers and website owners who would be interested in working with you. The benefit to them is they can earn money with a little work. And you get to promote their products to people who may otherwise may never have stumbled across their site.

Focus on these strategies to boost business and you are well on your way to a true laptop lifestyle you can enjoy from anywhere, while still running your business successfully.

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