Unwritten Rules Of Effective Management

As an online marketer,  you may not own a traditional business with employees, but you are building a team of people that still need management.  There are a few things you need to do if you’re going to manage a team of people effectively.

These management rules may not be exactly what might apply if you had a traditional contract of employment, and they definitely didn’t come with an entrepreneurial handbook, so read on to figure out what you need to do:

Management is key to building a strong business and team online.


Be Consistent In Your Approach

One of the worst things a manager or management team, if you’re sharing responsibility with some of your top producers, can do is be inconsistent in their approach. If one day you’re doing one thing and the next you’re doing another, then it isn’t going to look very good from your team’s point of view.

You need to make sure that there are set processes in place so that you can be as consistent with your approach as possible.  Your network marketing or affiliate business will grow only through consistent steps that can be followed by those new to the team, regardless of who added them

Make Sure You Encourage Team Work

Encouraging teamwork

is important in building a successful online business.  You can’t be everywhere for everyone.  If you’re the kind of manager that is going to tell your team to read some company outline on building a business, then make a list of friends and family and leave it at that, you will fail.  There are lots of ways to build a successful network or affiliate marketing business that have nothing to do with the antiquated ways used decades ago.

Not everyone succeeds in the same way and that’s why  collaboration should be encouraged, then you need to re-think this approach. Not only does this create a negative environment, it doesn’t help anybody to come up with new ideas or encourage them to share either.

Keep Important Team Information And Documents Safe

Keeping important team information and documents safe is crucial.  As people are added to your team, you will probably be responsible for taking an application from them that has personal information, such as social security number, and possibly credit card information.  It’s totally understandable if you need assistance with your business in this aspect, as many businesses do. Don’t just leave the documents in a cabinet somewhere. Make sure they are safe on the cloud!

Put A Focus On Communication And Team Building

Communication is key management skill in any business, whether you are communicating with team members, or vice versa. Communication can sometimes be why problems occur if the correct techniques aren’t used.

Work on your communication skills, as well as your listening and speaking skills if you want to be as effective as possible in a managerial position. To improve communication in your specific office, you could even set up team building activities.  Poor communication skills may also cause your team to grow a much slower pace than if you hone them.

Be As Transparent As Possible

Being transparent will help your team members to see that you’re a real person too. By being transparent, you’ll create a better level of trust, not to mention help each one to relate to you on some level. They need to see that you’re a person too. While you don’t have to share every little thing with them, you should show that you trust them by sharing information with them.

Remember That Everybody Is Different

Everybody is different, and different management approaches work for different people. Don’t treat everybody exactly the same. Try to examine who needs what approach and what works for who. When you begin doing this, you’ll become even more effective at managing a team of people.

So, are you doing these things to manage a team of people, or are there a few things you can change? Try some of these techniques and you’ll quickly see what a difference they can make to your business. Leave your own thoughts and comments below.

Good luck!

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