Social Media – Are You Utilizing It Right?

If you are trying to create income online and not utilizing as many social media outlets as possible, you’re fighting a losing battle.  As an online business owner, you know that connecting with your customers and creating a loyal customer following is the bread and butter to your level of business success.

However, it is how you connect with your customers that can be the deciding factor on whether they return to your site or look elsewhere. In a store-based business you are giving a personal customer experience every time a customer shops with you, but when running an online business a personal experience can be slightly difficult to uphold.

Questioning how easy it is for your customers to connect with you or your team to ask questions on a topic or complain, and how quickly they get a response, is essential to evaluating the quality of your customer service. It is also crucial to ask yourself how communications like complaints are dealt with, and what you give back to your loyal customers to ensure they have a reason to stay.

The good news is: everything can be done online today, from banking right down to food shopping – even the usage of social media to gain business profit, success, and customers has grown in popularity. Here is the “why” and “how” you should use social media to benefit your online business.

Social Media utilization is key to your online marketing


Your Business Needs To Fit With The Times

Especially if you have a young target audience, your business needs to fit with the modern competition surrounding you. Looking into how your competitors use social media to connect with their customers could be the help on to the modernized ladder you need.

They will have tried and tested methods that are sure to hit the ground running and gain traction quickly, meaning you see the benefit of using social media to market and modernize your business almost immediately.

Personal, Catered To and Efficient Customer Experience

Having employees – whether employed by you or outsourced – that take care of your social media channels can help to increase your customer service quality and efficiency. They can respond as soon as possible to complaints with a well thought out response, and personally thank customers for their support when receiving a good review.

This will show you care about your customers, and realize their importance in your business success. This will also help to reduce any admin work that is filling your email inbox tray, as many people will prefer the quick replies on social media. You can even forward mail using where it will be sorted for you, so you can spare even more time working on the core of the business.

Easier Growth

As well as creating a personal connection between your business and your customers, you may also be able to maximise your business growth extremely quickly. Asking your customers to share their reviews online, or offering a competition with a reward for customers who share your business page on their social media channels, will help you to reach a high number of people overnight without doing any of the legwork yourself.

Social media is now a part of daily life for many people, and that fact will not be changing in the near or even distant future. If your business is still resisting the move on to social media marketing you may actually be damaging your business rather than protecting it. Making the move sooner rather than later may bring your profit as well as a growth in loyal customers – its a win-win situation.


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