Web Content Allows You to Connect with Others

Think about web content for a moment. What’s always been the key to effective marketing? Determining the audience you want on your website and then targeting the desires of that audience. And what does the average Internet user love?


valuable, original web content


Whatever marketing campaign you’re running for your website, you need to bolster it with good web content. To do this effectively, you need to understand a few things about web content and how it can be used to connect with others.

Good web content can only go so far

Writing good content isn’t enough. It seems like it should be, right? But when you’ve got so many websites out there battling for people’s attention – and, yes, a lot of those websites have really good content – it becomes clear that the average user simply isn’t going to have enough time to read it all!

So not only should you be writing good content, but you should also engage in marketing techniques that will get your content in the premier pages of Google search results.

Which means, yes, you need search engine optimization. You may have tired of hearing the term ‘SEO’, but it changes nothing: you need it. SEO boosts good content, and good content boosts SEO. But trying to split attention can lead to lackluster SEO – and bad content.

Consider leaving the SEO to experts in the field so you can focus on delivering amazing content. Read more over at www.flagstonesearchmarketing.com.


Shorter isn’t always better

How does Google determine what content is the best? There are a lot of ways, but there’s one factor that you may not have considered: length. The fact is that most people want articles that are at least 500 words long. So much for crippled attention spans, eh?

When a user enters a search term, Google will probably find tens of thousands of relevant articles. Google assumes that a larger word count means a better article (whether or not that’s true, of course, is up for debate).

The thinking is that you’re getting a more in-depth look at the subject, as opposed to a simple reporting of the facts (or an advertisement with some keywords shoved in). This doesn’t mean you should fill your articles with fluff, however.

Consistently long but low-quality writing will be spotted by Google eventually. Read more about their algorithms at www.computer.howstuffworks.com.


Video content is becoming more important

The creation of video content is becoming just as important as creating written content, if not more so. We could complain all day about the death of the written word, but hey.

The recent stats show that video content is the most consumed media on the Internet, which is hardly surprising when you consider how much video makes up of the content you’ll see shared on the like of Facebook.

If you can pull off great video content, you could see an impressive outreach. The over one billion unique visits YouTube receives on a monthly basis is testament to this.

Hosting that content on your website can create link-back potential that will help you connect with more users than ever. If you’re worried about video creation for web content, check out the video creation series at www.richardjnorrisphdblog.com.

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