Website Optimization For Lead Generation?

Website optimization is key to lead generation.  You’ve worked hard to build a website that showcases what you wish to sell. And you’ve also spent a lot of time researching the best site design layout and ensured that it has some basic SEO website optimization. But, despite your best efforts, you still aren’t generating the vast amount of leads per month that you had hoped. What’s going on, you ask yourself?

The sad reality is that many sites like yours fail due to significant and fundamental flaws. Could your site be suffering from any of the following problems?

website optimization is key to lead generation

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You haven’t got a phone number on your pages

It doesn’t matter whether the leads you are trying to generate are for an online or offline product or service. People will want to feel assured that they are approaching a legitimate business vendor. Believe it or not, contact numbers are useful for providing comfort to people that may have doubts about your legitimacy.

Sure, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to spend your days answering queries from people that visited your website. But, the mere presence of a telephone number is enough to boost consumer confidence and, ultimately, have those hot leads getting sent to you. It’s one of simplest of the website optimization tips, but very effective.

Google thinks your website sucks

Search engine optimization or SEO can be a complicated animal at times. As you can appreciate, it’s an industry that evolves at lightning speed.

Google and the other big search engines will often rank a site lower than it should for a variety of reasons. Examples include:

  • A non-responsive web design (your site doesn’t work on mobile devices);
  • Duplicate content (several landing pages with the same content);
  • Malware (someone hacked your website).

It’s worth creating a free Google account and adding your site to the Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). That way, you can learn about any potential blacklist issues.

You don’t have forms on every page

The usual way to generate leads online is by having people fill out a contact form of some description. How many pages on your website have a simple form? If the answer isn’t “all of them” you’ve just found a big problem!

The forms that you put up don’t need to have a plethora of fields on them. Simply asking for their name, email address, and one vital question relating to what you offer can be enough. Once you’ve got those details, you can get to work on converting those leads into sales!

Your content lacks credible testimonials

We all know that testimonials on a website help to inspire consumer confidence in a brand, product, or service. But, if they don’t seem like credible ones, your site visitors will think you aren’t offering a legitimate product or service!

For a start, ditch those stock photos of people with cheesy smiles on their faces. Get some quotes from actual customers and ask for permission to use their names in your quotes. You could even ask if it’s possible to use a photo of them on your site too?

No obvious call to action

Last, but not least, is your call to action (CTA) both visible AND prominent on your pages? If not, that’s an issue you must address as a matter of urgency!

Good luck!

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