Why I Blog For My Home Business?

So, why do I invest the time it takes to create content for a blog for my home business, when I could simply rely on an existing platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a number of others?

The digital age has transformed the way we do business, allowing many to connect to brands and businesses they would have never had access to otherwise. Having a home business is great for its many benefits, with the top one being you are the boss.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard to expose your business to the outside world. One of the easiest ways to do that is creating a blog for your home business. Think of your blogging site as your business hub, where visitors learn more about you, your brand and what you sell or offer them.

blog or not

The key reason for having a blog is it belongs to you.  You determine what you put on it, what you offer your visitors and the format in which you make those presentations.

With Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, you are under their very strict guidelines when it comes to what can be posted and what you can advertise.

Even an innocent mistake on your part can cause your site to be taken down without discussion, and in many cases it won’t be coming back.

While I utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are avenues to get people to my blog, where they get greater detail, training and information than can be provided in what I call “soundbite media”.

As a small business, you may not have the budget for a huge marketing plan to spread the word and that’s okay because blogging is a great marketing tool that will help grow brand awareness.

Having a blog will allow customers to get to know your brand on a more intimate level and should entice them to want to buy into whatever you’re selling. When used correctly, it can generate a lot of traffic and sales leads for your small business.


Investing in a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) course will help you learn more about how a blog can benefit your business.

Having a basic knowledge of SEO gives you the tools to increase your rankings in search engines using specific keywords as they pertain to your business.

But, there are also very simple SEO plugins available for your blog that can analyze your writing and suggest ways to change it to increase your rankings.

I use the Yoast SEO plugin for my blog and have found it easy to use and beneficial to improving my search engine chances for a high ranking.

Once you start blogging, the major search engines will put your writings via their algorithms and then grade you on how enticing your website is and if you’re providing content that your customers deem worthy.

Getting started blogging is also easy to do. You can start with a few posts about yourself, why you started the business, how your products or services are valuable and so on.

From there, you’ll get a feel for what your audience likes to read and be able to come up with more original content that will enhance your appeal to customers.

And marketing your blog is easy when you have social media channels in place, which can all be incorporated into your small business’ marketing plan.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Don’t feel like you have to blog daily when starting out.  Blog on a manageable schedule and in a manner that your followers will get used to.  If you can only blog once a week, that’s OK.  Your audience will get used to knowing that you will have a new post coming out on each Friday, for example.  You can expand the frequency as you get better and more confident.
  2. Use your social media platforms to drive visitors to your blog.  Most blogging themes give you the ability to automatically send new articles out to Facebook, Twitter, etc. when you publish them.  Use this to your advantage to automate your marketing efforts.
  3. Finding content should not be an issue.  Write about things you are using in your business.  You may just be starting, but you already know more than those who haven’t started at all.  As you attend webinars and live events, take notes and turn those notes into content for your blogging efforts.
  4. Let your personality show.  Blogging is an opportunity for your followers to get to know you and see you as someone they would like to work with.  Provide great value, be real and respond to requests you get for specific topics when they are received.


Your blog belongs to you.  You don’t have to answer to anyone’s guidelines but your own.

Blogging gives you the freedom to be you and interact with your audience, while being you.

Let your blog be an opportunity to provide value to visitors, while allowing them to get to know and like you.

If you are currently blogging or interested in getting started and would like some free tips on what a winning blog post should look like, please access the Free Report at this link.

You’ll receive 10 tips on how to create blog posts the are engaging, informative and make your audience want more from you.

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