Why Leads Are SO Important

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, especially your home business.  But, not all leads are created equal.  Put yourself in the shoes of your leads to understand this concept.

Everyone has been in the situation. You get back home after a long day – or back into the office after a good lunch, only for the phone to ring and someone to start speaking at you, someone you don’t know from a company you don’t care about trying to sell you something you can’t be bothered with? It’s a cold call. Someone somewhere has passed your information on to marketers and companies as part of a bulk sale of leads.

These are false though – it’s a waste of time and very rarely will a cold call sale ever work. On the other hands, though, you may have also been called up by a company you currently do business – as they check up on their deal with you.

Are you enjoying it, how can they make things better for you as a customer? This is the opposite of a cold call; it’s an extension of a business relationship. You both care about each other – in a sense. The caller wants to keep you happy as they want your business, while you are clearly in business with the caller and want to see what they can offer you. You’re a true lead – someone with an interest in a business.

This doesn’t just happen on the phone though – you see this a lot in email marketing. A business reaches out to you after a purchase, either to offer more goods or check up on you. This communication can come about because you’ve shown interest in products or services by signing up for an free offer (usually referred to as a lead magnet by internet marketers) and giving your information up in exchange, or because you bought goods. It’d be much different if a business fired emails at you out of the blue, would it not?

Leads are the lifeblood of business


Leads, they are good things in business – a lead is someone or something with a genuine proven interest in your business or its offerings. A lead for a recruitment team might be someone who has filed an application, a lead for your sales team and marketers might be someone who signed up for your email newsletter, allowing you or your team to get to work on developing campaigns with their Postman email marketing software,  or something similar, to communicate with subscribers and inform them about offers, training or other information.

Leads are great as they are positive and warm examples of communication. That’s why your business needs to work hard to actively generate leads.

How? Well, websites need to be smart about their lead generation. Naturally, this happens when someone buys a product and leaves their info behind for you.

They are a lead, they have interest and you have the opportunity to sell. But what about other ways? Offer newsletters and offers in exchange for information and you’ll have developed a lead as soon as the web visitor clicks the call to action.

Even if they don’t buy – you’ve gained more data, adding quality to the quantity of information that your business holds – this is invaluable.  And, it may just not be the right time for that lead, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.  Once you have a lead, unless they opt out, you can market to them forever.  Leads are so important because they not only allow a business to sell, they inform a business as well. Do your best to generate them as organically as possible.


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